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Do you have urgent freight which requires an articulated lorry?


“But, did you totally lose your mind? That was in this way that our colleagues and closest associates were warning us, four years ago, though we were leaning towards the validity of such an investment. Certainly, with the industrial emergency market being 80% dominated by less than a ton parcels, it was a bit of a gamble…


Nevertheless, to gamble often means to get a leg up on our less daring colleagues, who don’t have this innovation culture and who rely on the immediate needs of its clientele. Today, we know that this audacious approach is lucrative and still makes us stand out greatly from our main competitors.

To load a 33-pallet lot of medicine destined for a relief agency?

To set up an articulated lorry in a two-hour time prior to the call of the client, in order to load 13m of landing gear floor (picture) for Rotterdam? ENVOYÉ SPÉCIAL answers yes!

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